Mobadanga is a member’s only basketball social club. What started in 2009 as a weekly meeting at the rim has since evolved into a rotating network of influencers, tastemakers and New York City natives that bond over their love of the game. Our pickup games or “Meetings” take place every Monday and Thursday evening in Clinton Hill , Brooklyn.


The first 14 people to sign up and receive confirmation are in for that session. If bringing a guest, they must be signed in as well. No bringing asshole guests.


Mobadanga understands that things come up and sometimes you need to change plans. If you have to cancel, all we ask is you give enough time to find a replacement for you. Cancellations made AFTER 5pm will result in that person still being charged for their session, unless they find a replacement.


Teams of 5 are made on the spot and games continue all night with the winner
remaining on the court.
-Games are played to 16 straight going by 2’s and 3’s
-Players are to referee themselves. Any discrepancy regarding a call will be settled by the person disputing the call shooting from the 3 point line.
-Calling foul on a made basket results in the basket not counting and the offense taking the ball at the top of the key.